Unity Scripts

Unity Editor Tools

This is a collection of unity editor scripts for artists I’m writing in C#. The scripts can be viewed and downloaded on my Github here.

The video below demonstrates taking some objects from 3ds Max through to Unity, making use of the Export Tools Maxscript, and the Unity Editor tools scripts.

Create Materials

This tool allows you to select any number of textures and generate materials with them. The tool will attempt to generate an appropriate material name based on the texture name, and assign the textures to the correct material property.

There are 3 options for shaders: the standard Unity lit shader, “Detail Texture” (a custom shader suitable for mobile development, most commonly used at my current company), or an override shader option that allows the user to attach a shader file.

Organise Folders

This simple script will automatically sort material, texture and model files into ‘Textures’, ‘Materials’ and ‘Models’ folders. It will create the folders if they don’t already exist.

Spawn Objects

The object spawner script allows you to randomly spawn a given object in a user-defined area, with user-defined rotation and scale variation. The tool includes a visible real-time representation of the spawn in progress.

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